I am ArjhanToteck, a web and game developer. This is my site.


A Minecraft enchantment table translator.
Translate text into the Minecraft enchantment table language and back.
The YouTube logo.
I started a YouTube channel to post things like devlogs.
A screenshot of the Minigame Bot in from a Discord server.
A simple Discord bot for playing several minigames written in JavaScript.
The cover art for "Spheres, Cubes, and Other Things".
A 3D runner game inspired partially by Super Monkey Ball and Geometry Dash.
The Tower of Babel logo.
Modern translation software is very far from perfect. Translating something over and over with them can completely change its meaning. That's the idea of this simple project.
The Weather.js logo.
Tounges.js, a simple and free translation API for JavaScript that requires no payment, account, or API key.
The Weather.js logo.
A free and easy to use JavaScript API that gets weather data.
Werewolf, a multiplayer text-based game.
A text-based multiplayer game full of lies, lynching, and lycanthropes.
A chatroom designed to be used in an online game called "Werewolf"
This chatroom was made for an online game called "Werewolf."